Vertical Integration from Message to Brains

My career has taken me from media production and creative directing, to training in quantitative communication theory and methods, to years of dedicated study of cutting-edge neuroscientific methods and analysis. This background gives me a unique advantage to studying the communication process from story creation to reception in the brain to long-term behavioral effects.

A brief summary on tools


I am proficient in Python for experimental design and analysis, with current emphasis on developing dynamic inter-subject correlation (ISC) analyses for fMRI data. I have a strong history and training in behavioral experimental design, questionnaire design, and content analysis (both traditional and computational) using media stimuli, as aided by my skills in video and photo editing (favoring Adobe Premiere and Photoshop). I am familiar with a wide range of tools to facilitate collaboration and open science including Github, Open Science Framework, Jupyter Notebooks, and As Predicted.

I love using my skills as an illustrator for figure design and data visualization. I believe that being able to effectively communicate my research is crucial to advancing the field of media neuroscience.

I am currently learning computational techniques for multimodal sentiment analysis and natural language processing.