Clare Grall

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Clare Grall holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Mass Communication with a minor in Marketing from Miami University (Ohio, 2014) and a Master’s degree in Communication from Michigan State University (2015). She is currently a PhD student at Michigan State University where she conducts research in the nascent subfield of media neuroscience with a general focus on how the brain processes media as rich, complex stimuli. She uses biological data to understand successful messages, with a focus on the use of neuroimaging data to create effective, entertaining media narratives through the study of audience engagement. Additionally, she is interested in how messages make us laugh and bring us joy. She manages the Neuroscience of Messages lab in the college of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University.

She is a member of the Student and Early Career Advisory Committee for the International Communication Association and serves as the Student and Early Career Representative for the Communication Science and Biology Interest Group. Additionally, she is currently President of the Association for Graduate Students in Communication (AGSCOM) at Michigan State. 

Born in Wisconsin, raised outside of Chicago, moved to Cincinnati, and now in Michigan. 



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